It takes considerable time and effort to prepare these downloads, they include printable high definition maps in which I have translated important landmarks from Hebrew into English.  If you find them useful a 10NIS or $3.00 donation per download would be greatly appreciated. 
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Hike 1:   Tirat Carmel through Nahal Sefunim past caves to Rt. 4. Including map.   4.5 hours, difficulty = medium  

Red trail from Tirat (4174).doc Red trail from Tirat (4174).doc
Size : 3814.5 Kb
Type : doc


Hike 2:  University Loop - 
Nachal Galim to Ein Kedem (year round spring), and back. Including map.   5 hours, difficulty = medium 

University Loop.doc University Loop.doc
Size : 2367 Kb
Type : doc

Hike 3:  Yagur Loop - to picnic area, dirt road to red trail, more difficult back to Yagur.  Including map.  
6 hours, difficulty = difficult

Yagur Loop.doc Yagur Loop.doc
Size : 2788.5 Kb
Type : doc

Hike 4:  Yagur Loop_2 -
Cliff edge trail along Nachal Yagur easy path down.  Including map.  4 hours, difficulty = easy/medium 

Yagur Loop_2.doc Yagur Loop_2.doc
Size : 3377.5 Kb
Type : doc

Hike 5: To Sefunim bat caves, up to the top of the ridge, and down along the Megadim cliff face. 
2-3 hours, difficulty = medium

Sefumin loop.doc Sefumin loop.doc
Size : 1581 Kb
Type : doc


Hike 6:  Nachal Galim, Nachal Kelach, Little Switzerland.  4 hours, diffuculty = medium 

6_Little Swiss loop.doc 6_Little Swiss loop.doc
Size : 1741.5 Kb
Type : doc

Hike 7: Diagonal hike up the red trail to Carmel View Road then back down the black trail.

7_Yagur loop 3.doc 7_Yagur loop 3.doc
Size : 1508.5 Kb
Type : doc

Hike 8: Red trail though magical valley, Wadi Nesher, Carmel View Road and up the Israel Trail.

8_Damon Junction Loop.doc 8_Damon Junction Loop.doc
Size : 1952 Kb
Type : doc



Hike 9: Down Nachal Kelach to the Little Switzerland area, up to Bet Oren, to Ein Alon and up through the Alon valley.

9_Damon Junction Loop_2.doc 9_Damon Junction Loop_2.doc
Size : 2480.5 Kb
Type : doc



Hike 10: Up Nachal Sefunim past the bat caves to the edge of Bet Oren, then down the north edge of Nachal Oren to the Oren Junction nature reserve. 

10_Sefunim to Oren Junction.doc 10_Sefunim to Oren Junction.doc
Size : 3345 Kb
Type : doc



Hike 11: Up Nachal Bistan, across the road leading to the Arab Ein Howd, then beneath Nir Etzion to the Ein Hod artist colony.  From there to the Atlit Caves, and back down to Beit Oren Junction. 

11_Oren Junction loop_long.doc 11_Oren Junction loop_long.doc
Size : 8372 Kb
Type : doc



Hike 12:  Down an unnamed wadi through a native oak forest, past walls of a ruin, and back up to the Carmel View Road. 

12_Carmel View Road loop.doc 12_Carmel View Road loop.doc
Size : 7371 Kb
Type : doc



Hike 13: Start at the Carmel Mountain Caves parking lot (Site of Ancient Man). Hike up to the Carmel Mountain forest, hike through the forest to the Israel Trail. Follow the Israel trail past the Omer Observation tower, past the tomb of Sheik Amir, and a cave where Fruit Bats (Rousettus aegyptiacus) live. Then back to the Neanderthal Caves. 

13_Carmel Caves Loop_long.doc 13_Carmel Caves Loop_long.doc
Size : 5309.5 Kb
Type : doc

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