Hike 12: Down an unnamed wadi through a native oak forest, past walls of a ruin, and back up to the Carmel View Road. 

annotated map of the hike

Hiking Time

3 hours


Green, Black

Trail #

4143, 4126


Medium to Easy

Type of trail

Green trail is mostly single file path. Black trail is a dirt road.


The green trial is lightly used. The first part (south part) of the green trail is a dense native oak forest. There is a ruin about half way along the loop which is a good place to have lunch.


The only easy way to get to the trail head is by car or bike. You can hear the noise of traffic from Route 70 on the lower part of the trail.


The green trail is clean. The black trail (Carmel View Road), like all such dirt roads has areas where there is a lot of litter.

4/12/2010 Carmel Fire

Unaffected by the fire.


Trail Narrative

Follow the Google map to the trail-head and park off the dirt road.
Follow the green trail down the wadi. The ground cover is thick with oak leaves and acorns which can be slippery. In about an hour the trail leaves the wadi and veers left. Twenty minutes later you will reach a wide field with the ruins of a structure on your right. This is a lovely place to eat lunch. The ruins block most of the noise from the valley below and the view of the meadow and forest going up is peaceful and lovely.
A few minutes from the area of the ruin the trail goes through almost a forest of sage (Salvia fruticosa, Greek Sage,
מרווה משולשת ). Soon you enter a mixed forest of Olive, Oak and Pine trees. About 40 minutes from the ruin the trail widens and follows a pipe line directly up hill. Fifteen minutes of walking steeply up hill brings you to the Carmel View Road (black trail). Turn left and stroll along this dirt road for about thirty minutes until you reach your car.

Crocus hyemalis, Winter Crocus, כרכום חורפי

Crocus hyemalis, Winter Crocus, כרכום חורפי 

Getting to the trail and back:

By Bus:
There are no buses that get you close enough to the trail head.

By Car:
One car:
Drive on Route 672 either from the north through the Druze villages or from the south from Route 70. Turn west off of the main road about 2 kilometers northwest of the Daliyat el Carmel main shopping area. See this
Google map for exact directions.

Pictures of the hike.

Walls of a ruin, (  חרבת קליעה ) don't know of what.

 Walls of a ruin, (  חרבת קליעה ) don't know of what.

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