Notes on each plant: Fall 2009 planted seeds on 22 Sept2009

29Oct2009 First rain on garden today!

Onions and Chives: 29Oct2009 Not one of these germinated. There were two packets of different types of onions and one packet of chives. I have no idea why they all failed.
Sweet peas (from my seeds): 29Oct2009 None of these germinated either. Don’t know what I did wrong when I collected the peas.
Broccoli: 29Oct2009 Germinated in a few days. Growing well in the raised garden, but not doing well in the wall garden. I think that the wall garden doesn’t get enough sun during this season.
Rocket (from package): 29Oct2009 Germinated in a few days, doing Ok in wall garden. Very well in raised garden.  I started them there much later, on 20Oct2009
Potatoes(Used potato from organic garden this time) 29Oct2009.  They are growing in plastic garden soil bags.  I keep adding more soil to force more roots.
Rocket (from my seeds): 29Oct2009 Took longer to germinate and they are smaller, but growing well even in wall garden.
Lettuces: 29Oct2009 Germinated quickly, thinned some of the lettuces, but have left some very crowded, will thin as we eat them. Doing beautifully.

Lettuce plants, and rocket seedlings

Tomatoes: 29Oct2009 Have continuously thinned them. They are all growing fast and well. The variety (bush tomatoes) are doing best.
Cucumbers: 29Oct2009 Germinated quickly, thinned them continuously until there were four strong plants. Starting to flower!
Mystery Plant (from seeds in compost): 29Oct2009. I weeded out most of the seeds from the compost that germinated, but I left some tomatoes, and one plant that is either a squash or zucchini plant. It has grown supper fast and now has flowers. Soon I will know what it is. 

Cucumber plants, and mystery plant, probably zuccini from my compost.

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