Hike 6: Nachal Galim, Nachal Kelach, Little Switzerland 

Detailed map of the hike and area around it

Hiking Time

4 hours


black, green, blue, red

Trail #

4169, 4167, 4166, 4171


Medium, small amount of rock climbing on the upper part of the blue trail.

Type of trail

Black trail sometimes on a road, all the other trails are single file paths.


Little Switzerland cliffs and views! Picnic grounds. Areas where it feels you have left civilization behind.


No problems with this hike.


Very clean except for the intersection of the blue trail with the red trail where an area seems to be used to throw out trash.


About half of the green and blue trails are on the edge of burned areas. Does not detract from the over all beauty of the hike.

Trail Narrative

     You can park either at the Anemone picnic area near the University where the University Loop begins, or at the Little Switzerland picnic area. I will describe the hike starting from the University.
ollow the green trail along a pretty paved path for a few meters until it diverges left onto dirt trail. This trail intersects with a road after about half a kilometer. Follow the green trail sign that says Upper Wadi Galim along the road for about one minute. Then before you go through the gates to the Hi Bar reserve, go off the road to the left (south) and steeply down. Five minutes walking brings you to a rough new dirt road that was cut across the trail as a fire break. Simply walk across and you will see the green trail on the other side. The green trail gradually goes down into Wadi Galim. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Carmel mountains and the sea. After some climbing down ledges you will be in the forest at the bottom of the wadi, walking on flat slaps of water eroded rock. Here you will see areas burned by the Dec. 2010 Carmel Fire. The trail marks the division between a burned area on the right while on the left the forest is fine. It is hard to understand why one tree was burned while another next to it was unharmed.
     After about an hour and a half from the start of the hike you will reach the intersection of the green trail with the blue trail.
     Follow the blue trail up towards the left (north). Here also there are areas of the forest that burned and others untouched. After walking about an hour along the edge of the wadi you will begin to see the cliffs and gorges of Little Switzerland a head of you. The trail now enters the bottom of the wadi and there are several small cliffs to climb up. Soon you will see a wall build in the wadi ahead of you. Climb up around the wall and you will find yourself on a broad well kept path where the blue trail meets the red trail.
     Follow the red trail to the left (southwest). The red trail meanders back up the mountain. There are spectacular views of the opposite cliffs, and gorge, with the Mediterranean Sea in the distance and the whole Carmel mountain range spread out before you. Soon you will pass a green trail going straight up the mountain. Continue on the red trail and after about 30 minutes you will reach the picnic area of Little Switzerland. Go up past the picnic area and there is a junction of three trial, the red trail, green trail and the black trail.
     Follow the black trail markings to the left (south) toward the University. This trail goes on and off a road. After about 45 minutes you will be back at the Anemone parking lot. 

Getting to the trail and back:

By Bus:
Take bus 37 which starts at Bat Galim and goes through the German Colony, Hadar, Central Carmel, Ahuza, and ends at the University.

By Car:
Park at either the Anemone Picnic Grounds near the University or at the Little Switzerland picnic grounds.


Pictures from the Hike

Wadi Galim, burnt on the right, unharmed on the left

In Wadi Galim, burnt on the right, unharmed on the left, Taffy on the trail.

In Wadi Kelach

Looking up from Wadi Kelach 

Looking up to little switzerland from Wadi Kelach

The cliffs of Little Switzerland looking up from Wadi Kelach. 


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